Calling High School Football in Metro Atlanta

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General Information External Links Welcome to Multi-County Football Association
Calendar for 2014 Booking via ArbiterSports  
Board / Key People Index to Some Equipment Sources The season starts on Friday! - Consider these:
MCFOA Mission Statement NFHS - Hydrate early: build up a reserve of fluids all week
Membership Information GHSA - Officiating Section - Consider where you can improve from your scrimmages
Membership Application NASO - Review the rules before Friday - Can't refresh too much
Referee Magazine - Look up the teams you are officiating on MaxPreps
Georgia Varsity Sports Vent - Pack your bag early - Don't wait until Thursday
GHSA's 2014 Football Officials Manual - Double check your equipment - replace old or worn items
- Review Official's Code of Conduct - where can you improve?
  NFHS 2014 Football Rule Comments - Review some cases related to the kicking game
- Study your Redding Guide for 30 minutes each night
- Keep up with daily physical conditioning
Feedback Archives - Eat healthy - fruits and vegatables
Evaluate a Crew 2012 in Review   - Study your position mechanics
File a Varsity Game Report 2011 in Review   - Review 5 man mechanics for your position - just in case.
File a Sub-Varsity Game Report 2010 in Review - Study some HUDL film
2009 in Review   - Call or email your mentor if you have any questions
Links to Internal Tools 2008 in Review - Embrace the start of the season
Referee's Crew Card for Coaches 2007 in Review - Enjoy your opportunities to officiate
Penalty Charting Sheet 2006 in Review - Seek time to have some fellowship with your crew.

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